The Beacon DJ's

Dan Caba-The Game Room Monday Night at 6.
Born: New York City, New York

Grew up: In Chelsea, MA

Likes: Browsing the web, watching good movies, reading, spending time together with family, friends, and my girlfriend, and playing video games

Dislikes: Spicy food, and stomach aches

Year: Senior, graduating in May! 

Radio Show: It is the “VG Music Radio Show” or “The Game Room Music Radio Show”, doesn’t matter what it’s titled, but on the show you will hear some of the BEST video game music and tracks. This includes all eras and generations of video games! If you’re a fan of video games, tune in to hear what may possibly ignite your nostalgia!

Future plans: Getting a job with my Degree in IT Business Intelligence, hopefully a Data Analyst position in a marketing firm. I’d also love to continue doing radio work, and hopefully take the show as far as it can go and make it as best as it can be.

Brendan O' Neil-"The Untitled Show" Tuesday night at 9

Hello! My name is Brendan O' Neil and I am the host of The Untitled Show that plays on Tuesdays at 9pm. I was born and raised in the city of Manchester, New Hampshire. I am a freshman here at UMass and a communications major. I have always had an interest in music as I can't seem to function without my headphones in. My show focuses on pop culture with a heavy amount of rap music from today, tomorrow and the past. I also play a variety of whatever I feel like throwing in the mix...whether it's 80's pop or top 40, make sure to tune in!

"Nick & JC show"Talk Sports Wednesday Night at 6
My name is Juan Carlos Sanchez I am 24 years old and I am a senior at Umass Boston.  I am a communication major and hope one day to pursue a career in sports media.  I lived in Chelsea Massachusetts my whole life and grew up watching Boston sports.  I enjoyed watching sports, wrestling, playing video games and spending time with my 5 year old daughter.

I co-host along with my partner Nick Sytkowski our very own sports talk show called the "Nick & JC show" The Show is brought you by beacon radio from the campus of Umass Boston. The show airs every Wednesday night at 6:00pm from The Nick and JC show is a talk show about everything you need to know about Boston sports and sports in general. We debate Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and many more sports topics. My goal in the future is to pursue a career in sports media; I hope someday I can have a great radio career as a sports talk show host.

My name is Nick Sytkowski; I am the co-host of the Nick&JC show which airs Wednesday's at 6pm. The show is Boston sports oriented with a hint of national/world sports.  I have lived in Metro Boston all my life and immediately got consumed by the wonderful sports offering this city has.  Ever since I was young I have been a sports fanatic, both playing and watching.  I am a senior here at UMass Boston, completing a Communications degree. I hope to have a career in broadcasting/journalism when I graduate.  Other passions of mine are traveling and music, however, sports is probably my biggest passion. 

Steven Chung-"Point-&-Click Jazz Central" Saturday night at 7.

Steven Chung was born and raised in the city of Quincy, Massachusetts. Steven began studying music at a very young age, and has also worked in the field of radio and broadcasting ever since high school. He hosts the jazz program called "Point-&-Click Jazz Central" at Saturdays from 7-8pm.

Steven has showcased a number of the finest musical compositions performed by artists such as Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Steve Cole, Wynton Marsalis, and many other talented musicians throughout the history of this genre. Steven was also the first student from Umass Boston to air his program live on The Beacon. For him, working alongside The Beacon has truly been a wonderful experience that has enhanced his own knowledge of producing quality radio programming. Steven found that listening to music, and putting together his repertoire, was not only a pleasant experience, but also an opportune learning experience.

 My goal for this program was to not only provide the listeners with some quality jazz music, but to give them an idea on what goes on behind the music.  Who was the person that made this piece famous in the first place? What's the history behind certain pieces? Who was the person that made this piece famous in the first place? What made that composition special? What were some of the techniques that were used? Our listeners should not only have the ability to listen to great music, but should have a chance to get an education from what they are hearing. You want the listeners to feel as though they matter, because they're the ones who are listening to you.


Ivan O’Farrel in Sex, Mind and More Thursday 7pm

 Hello my name is Ivan, I’m currently a senior majoring in psychology at UMASS Boston; it gives me a great pleasure that you accompany me on this adventure where we will cross our human side without fear of words.

I was born and grew up in Mexico City; my passion for reading has opened a lot of doors to real and imaginary worlds and that's how I noticed that the human being has a huge necesity to say what they think and feel because if they don’t they might get sick, I decided then to study nursing, graduating in a few years as a registered nurse which put me in contact with sufferment and human needs; I saw that the difference of life and death is a matter of just a second. With an immense thirst of knowlage and need for improvement, I took many courses and certificates in human sexuality, personal growth, psychological and leadership. In returrn as being gratefuel to what life had giving me, I participated in groups of self-help giving guidance to young people and adults in various areas of life; this led me also to teach nursing to women who wanted to change their lifes. After a while I decided to study ESL in PCCC in New Jersey a place where I discovered that pschology was my thing. Upon my return to Mexico, they gave me an opportunity to work at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), one of the most important health institutions of the country. During my time at the IMSS I studied psychology as a second profesional carreer at the University Center Word (CIW), but life and its little pranks bought me back to the United States of America, specifically to Boston Massachussets.

Without wasting time I signed up to be  part of UMASS Boston, a place where  the opportunity to have a radio program is presented to me, a program where all humanity is welcome. We will learn TOGETHER about human sexuality, psychological subjects and a lot more, and I say together because NOBODY KNOWS IT ALL. With a deep love for my aztec roots and my Latin comunity is that I decided to do this program in spanish, because we also have a voice so don’t be ashamed of who you are, where you are from or how you are because if you are a human there is a place for you here, you are not alone because a group of specialists: a pedagogue, a psychoanalyst, a student of theology, a nutritionist, nurses and a OB-GYN, to name a few and I will be with you every thursday at 7 p.m (with a re-broadcast on Tuesday's at 12:00 p.m) so that together we can make a better life.



 Ivan O'Farrell en Sexo, Mente y Mas.

Hola soy Ivan, Senior en Psicología en UMASS Boston y me da un gusto enorme que me acompañes en esta aventura donde recorreremos nuestro lado humano sin miedo a las palabras.
Nací y crecí en la Ciudad de México, mi pasión por la lectura me abrió muchas puertas a mundos reales e imaginarios y fue así como me di cuenta que el ser humano tiene una enorme necesidad de apalabrar lo que siente y piensa porque sino se enferma, decidí entonces estudiar enfermería, graduándome en pocos años como enfermero registrado, lo cual me puso en contacto con el sufrimiento y necesidades humanas pues pude ver que la diferencia entre la vida y la muerte es cuestión de un segundo.
Con una sed inmensa de conocimiento y necesidad de superación tome varios cursos y diplomados en sexualidad humana, superación personal, temas psicológicos y liderazgo.
Regresando un poco de lo que la vida me habia dado, participe en grupos de autoayuda dando orientacion a jovenes y adultos en diversas areas de la vida, esto me llevo tambien a impartir cursos de enfermeria a mujeres que buscaban cambiar su vida.

Después de un tiempo decidí estudiar ESL en el PCCC en New Jersey lugar donde descubro que lo mío era la Psicología. A mi regreso a México me dan la oportunidad de trabajar en el Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) en una de las instituciones de salud mas importantes del país, donde trabaje por algunos anos, tiempo en el que de manera conjunta estudie Psicología como segunda carrera profesional en el Centro Universitario Word (CIW), pero la vida y sus jugarretas me trajeron de nuevo a los Estados Unidos de America, específicamente a Boston Massachussets.

Sin perder tiempo me enliste a las filas de UMASS Boston, lugar donde se me presenta la oportunidad de tener un programa de radio donde es bienvenido todo lo humano, donde aprenderemos JUNTOS sobre sexualidad humana, temas psicológicos y mucho mas y digo juntos porque NADIE LO SABE TODO; con un profundo amor a mis raíces aztecas y a mi comunidad latina es que decido hacer este programa en español, porque nosotros, también tenemos voz, así es que jamás te avergüences de quien eres, de donde vienes, ni de como eres porque si eres humano aquí hay un lugar para ti, no estas solo o sola porque un grupo de especialistas una pedagoga, un psicoanalista, una estudiante de teología, una nutriologa, enfermeros, una gineco-obstetra, por mencionar algunos y yo estaremos contigo cada jueves a las 19:00 hrs con una repetición los martes a las 12:00 p.m. para que juntos hagamos de nuestra vida una vida mejor.